A Wider View -Bexhill-on-Sea second edition now available.


The first print run sold out, thank-you to everyone who bought a copy.

After some looking around for printers I could work directly with in the UK I'm glad to say that a second edition is now available with higher specification paper and cover stock, complete with a refreshed cover.

It's available from this site, plus from the De La Warr Pavilion shop in Bexhill-on-Sea.

What's on at the moment?


A happy New Year to you all. This is a quick round up of whats happening at the moment and whats coming up...

  • The photographic classes have proved to be popular and these will be continuing with some revisions in 2018 based on your feedback. Thankyou ! Watch for updates here, or via my Facebook and Twitter feeds. If all goes to plan there will be some exciting developments for 2018.

  • My African Sketchbook exhibition is still on show at the YouNique Wellbeing Studios. Prints are selling off the wall, and once gone, they won't be replaced with the same print. So if you see something you like...

  • During 2017 I displayed and sold prints through the Murmurations Gallery in Bexhill. As of 6th January 2018 the gallery will be under new curatorship. I'm not stocking prints for sale there - its something I've got under review. It's all positive and its great to have these places in Bexhill showcasing local talent and locally sourced products. I wish the new residents Unit4plus2 every luck in their venture. I'll certainly be popping in.

  • Speaking of print sales, the god of web design Gremlins seems to have it in for me. My last attempt at online sales and payment integration didn't work as well as I would have liked. It basically made for a poor experience - so I closed it down. For the moment, the Portfolio is being updated. if you see something that you would like, please contact me, quoting the image reference ID and we'll do it the old fashioned way. The search continues for a solution I'm happy with...

  • My book "A Wider View Bexhill-on-Sea" has sold out on its first print run. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy. I'm thinking about a second print run, while I'm also working on the next one. You may have noticed that the "Sussex project rolls on..." Well, this could be the year that it rolls up into my next book, working title"Sussex Wide". That's going to keep me busy.

What's new for 2016 ?


Well, it's been an interesting year and it looks like 2016 is going to be even busier. I'll be working on:

  • A range of new limited edition Black & white prints on Baryta photographic paper. A merging of digital capture with traditional chemical development and printing out. First samples with me in the New Year - looking forward to those.

  • A new display for 2016 in Bexhill-on-Sea, "African sketchbook" (working title), combining both photography and ink sketches from my travels.

  • Bexhill-on-Sea, I'll be trialling some beginner photography workshops. I'll be using a mixture of old and new technologies to link cameras, tablets and projectors. I'll be making these jargon free and interactive.

Plus I'll be writing my occasional contributions to the Bexhillian Magazine and continuing work on my Sussex Wide project.

Watch this space for more details, Twitter.

Have a good New Year celebration and hope you can join me in 2016.

An exhibition of plant studies - October 2015


Update: exhibition now finished 13th April 2016.

What started out as using plants as test subjects for flash experiments, (plants are fairly easy going models), developed into a small portfolio.

The pictures will be on show at the YouNique Wellbeing Studios in Bexhill, (I like the space, I like the people), during October 2015, so if you're passing or engaging in some Yoga, I hope you enjoy them.

Each framed print is on sale at the exhibition only price of £65.00