Terms and Conditions

1. Digital Downloads

1.1 Usage

Digital downloads are provided for personal, non commercial use only.

1.2 Backups.

You may make backup copies of the Product for your own personal use.

1.3 Modification.

You may not modify or translate the Product. You may not disable or circumvent any Digital Rights Management and or encryption included with the Product.

1.4 Copyright and intellectual property.

Purchase of a digital download does not grant you any rights of ownership of part, or all, of the original Product, including but not limited to the copyright and intellectual property rights.

1.5 Warranties and disclaimer

The Product is offered “As is” and does not include any representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, fitness for a particular purpose, the absence or presence of errors, or the accuracy of information contained in the product.
The product(s) may make use of hyperlinks to third party resources on the Internet. D Charles Mason Photography makes no warranties, expressly or implied as to the availability, accuracy and quality of those third party resources.

1.6 Viruses

D Charles Mason Photography warrants that Digital products are free of “Viruses”, but shall not be liable to the Customer, or any other party, as a result of any “Viruses” subsequently introduced or passed on.

1.7 Download

The Product requires access to the Internet.

The delivery of the product may be managed by a third party(ies).

The file size of the Product will be indicated prior to download. It is the Customers responsibility to satisfy themselves that they have sufficient capacity to download and store the product.

1.8 European Union(EU) VAT Regulations

To comply with regulations on supply of digital products within the EU the service is provided via a third party reselling platform, which may use information provided by Customers such as IP address range, Customer address, to determine the destination country for the delivery of the digital products. VAT will be added to the "excluding VAT" price at the prevailing rate.

1.9 Refund Policy

D Charles Mason Photography prepares digital products using recognised industry standard specifications. However, D Charles Mason Photography does not claim or warrant that the digital products will perform as intended on every permutation of computing operating systems, applications and Internet browsers, and/or any other software and hardware combination.

To enable Customers to verify that the product is suitable for them, D Charles Mason Photography provides a preview of the digital product, to the exact same specification , for the Customer to download , without charge, directly from the D Charles Mason Photography website.

After receipt of the preview product, by providing payment for the download, the Customer agrees that the product is to their satisfaction. There will be no refunds for payments made, with the exception of a failure of the Customer to receive the product owing to a fault with the delivery.

In the event of failure to download the product, Customers should contact D Charles Mason Photography via the Contact page on www.dcharlesmason.co.uk